La La Land

I just picked up my bonsai plant from the bonsai babysitter. I am officially an Angeleno.

Five of my Favorite La La Land Books

1) The Starter Wife and The After Wife. Gigi Levangie Grazer knows of what she writes in these Hollywood insider novels that may look like dessert but actually have some real meat to their keen observations about day to day life in the city of angels, and devils.

2) The Barbarian Nurseries. The premise may sound absurd: A couple has a fight and both walk out thinking the other is still at home, effectively abandoning their two small children with the nanny for days. But don’t underestimate this powerful social novel by Pulitzer-Prize winner Hector Tobar.

3) Bright Shiny Morning. When I first moved to Los Angeles, I met someone at a baby shower and was subsequently invited to their “place” for a “get together.” The place turned out to be a mansion in the hills. And the gathering turned out to be an intimate dinner party for 300 people. The pool side extravaganza included belly dancers, flame throwers, college students. A list and B list movie stars and rockers, famous white collar crime criminals, anonymous drug dealers, high end criminals, low end drug dealers and some really, really weird exchanges. This book has the same cast of L.A. characters. 

4) Less Than Zero Sex and drugs in ‘80s L.A. Need I say more?

5) The Kid Stays in the Picture An outrageous Hollywood insider memoir by American film producer and former studio executive, the legendary Robert Evans. The AMAZING audio book version is read by Evans himself and should be required “reading” for everyone in “the industry.”