Book Love! My Life in France

I’m reading Julia Child’s My Life in France. It’s so delicious! I know I’m late to this party since it’s been a perennial classic for over a decade, but it’s just so wonderful that I have to talk about it! I Really, how could it not be wonderful with ingredients like: Paris, spies, true love, sole meuniére, butter, croissants, and wine?! The book makes me want to start writing letters again. (The letters Julia and her husband, Paul, wrote became primary sources for the book.) And as someone in midlife, I found Julia’s story especially inspiring: She didn’t really become the Julia we know and love until her 40s. She published her first book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, when she was 49, and debuted her television show, The French Chef, when she was 51! Voila!