Book Love! A Man Called Ove

I LOVED A Man Called Ove. (Full disclosure: I read it at the beach. And I tend to like everything at the beach.) This Swedish bestseller seems at first glance to be a simple story of a solitary man’s life. But it’s layered and charming and heartbreaking and profound. And still the simple story of a solitary man’s life. Think Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand and, one of my favorites, The Elegance of the Hedgehog (the quietness, the pace, the profundity). The Swedes must age differently than we do here in America though, similar to dog years perhaps, because the curmudgeonly, retired old man in the book is only 59 years old. No one understands dog years better than Hollywood where 25-year-old actresses play 15-year-olds, then 10 years later play 50-year-old moms. Which is my (strange) segue…Here are my recommendations for casting Ove in Hollywood’s film adaptation:  Ed Harris, Sean Penn, Morgan Freeman, Harrison Ford, Robert Redford (fantastic choices, right?). And for Ove’s wife, Meryl Streep. Without giving anything away, let me just say that she’s the only actress who could turn this role into an Academy Award-winning one.